Major Activities

  • Educational, Technical and vocational skill developments
  • Medical access
  • Food support
  • Psycho-social support and life skill development
  • Family economic empowerment(SHG &IGA)
  • Physical support( Clothing and shoes)
  • House renovation

Total beneficiaries in Child sponsorship project

Direct beneficiaries

Indirect beneficiaries

"Serving and Developing the whole person"

Program Areas of Implementation

Lideta Sub city, woreda 8

Adisketema Sub city woreda 3

Adisketema Sub city woreda 5

Kolfekeranyo Sub city woreda 1

Kolfekeranyo Sub city woreda 13

Akakikality Sub city woreda 5

Arada Sub city woreda 7

ArroundFinfine Special Zone ,Holeta special city

Eastern Shewa Zone Adama special woreda, kebele 09

Northern Shewa Zone Grarjarsoworeda, Fitche town

Jimma City Administration ,Kersaworeda

Jimma Zone, SekaChekorsaworeda

Hawassa City Administration

Gedeo Zone Dilla city, Misrak sub city

Gurage Zone, Bueeworeda