Egcdwo engagement on COVID-19 Prevention

In response to the government call to all Ethiopian to fight against COVID-19, EGCDWO as humanitarian organization commence different community awareness creating and hand washing  initiatives. EGCDWO- lideta child development and family empowerment project in collaboration Lideta Sub-city, Woreda 1 administration distributed IEC/BCC materials, public education event and facilitates hand washing.

During this awareness raising event different Go and NGO partners, religious leaders, university students, community volunteers were  participated  and more than 2500 community members addressed in the awareness raising communication and more than 1450 peoples served in hand washing services. During the event sanitary material like soap, alcohol and sanitizer was used.

EGCDWO will continue working in the awareness raising and hand washing events in all communities we are serving. Partners who want to stand with our community are invited to work with us.