Ethiopian Guenet Church Development and Welfare Organization has a plan for hiring an external consultant. To this effect, EGCDWO is seeking for a competent consultant, who can provide a quality consultancy service by conducting a project feasibility study in order to design a fair trade project which will be implemented in Bonga town located in South West of Ethiopia, 465 KMs far from Addis Ababa.


The feasibility study will be conducted in Kaffa Zone in Bonga town and neighboring Woredas where small holder coffee farmers are there.  And in this regard,

  • Primary data will be collected from the target small holder coffee farmers, women involved in agriculture and enterprises involved in coffee processing.
  • Primary data will also be collected from the government local administration offices.

Specific Activities:

      The consultant is primarily expected to produce a feasibility study report by conducting the following activities:

  1. Initial work Plan (includes: how the study will to be carried out) should be presented within one weeks after signing the contract, and
  1. The study report should be submitted in 30 days (one month) after the start of the study.
  2. The report of the study should comply with the agreed objectives and contain: Executive Summary, Current analysis, The requirements of the project (Criteria/Constraints), The project approach, Alternatives and Options, Cost-Benefit Evaluation, Risk analysis, Conclusion, Recommendations
  3. The first draft should be submitted three days before the final submission date that allow to have input for both EGCDWO and CEDARFUND.
  4. The final feasibility study report is also submitted to both EGCDWO and partner organization CEDARFUND.
  5. In addition, the candidate is expected to provide follow up support and coaching in the project design.

Therefore, EGCDWO invites all interested and eligible consultants for the procurement of the aforementioned service.  Please note that interested bidders must offer bid price/quotation clearly in their technical proposal or bid price/quotation proforma or cover letter.


  1. Bidders must submit a renewed trade license for the current year 2012 E.C., or personal tax payer identification number
  2. Bidders must agree to pay withholding income tax 2% or 30%
  3. Bidders must submit evidence/certificate for having sufficient experience in providing such services to any other organizations in previous times.
  4. Bidders can submit other supporting evidences which they think can depict their performance capacity.
  5. Bidders must have a legal permission from the concerned government office to operate in the specific region.
  6. Bidders must submit the required documents stamped on every page together with the proforma invoice and bid technical proposal.
  7. EGCDWO reserves the right to reject any time all or parts of this bid.

Therefore, interested bidders are required to submit their proforma invoice and bid technical proposal with sealed envelope in person to EGCDWO Head Office or through EGCDWO P.O.Box 28683, Addis Ababa.

For further information use: Cell phones: 0911921317 or 0936009935.

Deadline: September 28/2020 

Please also note that interested bidders can come in person and collect the detailed TOR from EGCDWO Head Office-Program Department.

Our Office Location: Around Bulgaria Mazoria, 80 Meters far from the road that runs down through Nasa Café.