WELCOME To Ethiopian Guenet Church Development and Welfare Organization (EGCDWO)

Ethiopian Guenet Church is established by Finnish Pentecostal pioneer missionaries in 1951 G.C. Presently, the church has over 350 local churches and 339 outreach stations with more than 350,000 members both in and outside the country. In order to address the holistic need of humanity, EGC has established a faith-based non-profit development organization, the Ethiopian Guenet Church Development and Welfare Organization (EGCDWO) in April 1999 with registration number 371, under the Ministry of Justice. And it also reregistered with registration number 1417, under the Charities and Societies Agency as Ethiopian Residents Charity. The organization in collaboration with its eleven esteemed partners, 155 staffs and 7 active unpaid board members is running various development projects in various regions of Ethiopia and has been involving in development and relief works since the day of its establishment. We are a founding member of CUAHA-Ethiopia (Church United against HIV and AIDS). We are also member of CCRDA (Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Associations), ICCO Alliance, PANE (Poverty Action Network Ethiopia) and CECEDA (Consortium of Evangelical Churches of Ethiopia Development Associations).


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We are conducting capacity building and short-term training on children, women, mission, discipleship, teenagers and ……..


Addis Ababa Guenet church region was established by Finsh missionaries but now the church’s evangelism & planting is ….

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