The regional office have been doing the most encouraging works in central Addis Ababa and the surrounding 50 K.M radius regions of Addis Ababa Guenet local churches with regards to propagation of Christ’s good news through increasing their capacity to do the work of Mission,
Particularly with the department of teenagers and youth; the regional office have been preparing in every summer a very large scale holistic training for all of our local churches teenagers and youth who are learning at higher educational institute. In addition to this large scale Guenet church unique experience, the department also finished all the preliminary study to build youth center on different places of Addis Ababa to reach to unreached through work of Mission,
With welfare and development department, the regional office also highly working on marginalized children, women, widows, commercial sex workers and helpless very old people,
Eventually, the office also conducting short term training throughout the year for all local church ministers on leadership, contemporary issues, ministry organization at local church level, issue of Mission and so forth for their effective ministry at local churches where they minister,
Because of this and many other encouraging works that we don’t have enough place to tell you now; we are contributing with all what we have on our hand for the propagation of God’s Kingdom. But due to financial constraints, we are not doing in exact way that we planned. To do the work of Mission in more efficient and effective manner we need your prayer, money and any material support. Therefore, if you want to work for the spread of Christ’s good news at this very end time with us, we encourage you to donate us with what you have. Feel free to donate whatever you have.

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