Background addis guenet church ethiopiaBackground of Addis Ababa Guenet Church: Ethiopian Guenet Church (EGC) is established by Finish Mission Pentecostal Pioneer Missionaries, (Mr. & Mrs. Mathson, Mr. & Mrs. Hadiho and Mss. Helvi Halme), in 1951 E.C. The missionaries when they first settled in Ethiopia, they started mission work along with other development activities. They opened elementary schools in Wolmera western Shoa, & Shebe Keffa regions. Besides; they also opened clinics at Holet, western Shoa and at Chekorsa & Shebe in Keffa regional state and orphan center in Debrezeit.
One of their mission center is in Addis Ababa at Sebategna area near Merkato, named Finland Mission Church. This was the beginning of today’s Addis Ababa Guenet regional church.



Contribute to reduce poverty and provide sustainable development services for marginalized and vulnerable peoples of Ethiopia.


  • To be an organization that is indisputably perceived by its stakeholders and donors, especially by the Ethiopian government as the most desired development partner in the country.
  • To develop a sustainable and effective indigenous resource mobilization scheme.
  • To be an organization that attracts and deploys the best and the most satisfied human capital.
  • To promote Environmental protection, Human development and basic education, Access to safe water and basic sanitation combined with good hygiene behaviours and gender equality and equity
  • To maximise our sphere of influence and the number of our projects both thematically and geographically.

Vision And Mission

Vision Statement:

To see healthy and transformed community in socio-economic, physical status and spiritual life.

Mission Statement

EGCDWO is dedicated to serving the holistic need of the poor, orphans and vulnerable and marginalized community members through integrated ministry across Ethiopia.

EGCDWO’s Guiding Principles:

o Impartiality
o Accountability
o Integrity
o Transparency
o Optimism
o Equality in Partnership