The Addis Ababa Geunet church (AAGC) had been involved supporting poor and vulnerable children by providing food, clothes and also by giving primary education for those children who are unable to get education and pay school fee. Formerly the church had supported these children by volunteer donors from the church members, however; the local donors were unable to continue supporting the children by collecting from the members, so that the church had to find another means and finally communicate with a donor organization from Hong Kong called Cedar. Cedar was started to support the sponsored children and the preschool before 21 years ago.
All the children were admitted in the preschool. After the Marxist government has fallen down and a new democratic government was replaced, the Genet church has owned its former places of worship & then officially continued to serve the community holistically in its local churches’ compound & other places too. Especially it started to serve orphaned and vulnerable children in the sponsorship program in two different places for the first time & latter one other additional place was included. When the Addis Ababa Genet church started child sponsorship program, the need of the surrounding community was high. Since there were too many poor and vulnerable children, the church has selected the poorest of the poor children and increased 40 more children & the number became 70. Gradually the number increased up to 145 then finally it raises up to 203 children in all the three places. Besides sponsored children there were also other poor children who were unable to go to school because of financial problem.
The church also supported these poor children by giving pre-school education and educational materials only freely. Cedar has played great role by supporting these children besides sponsored children. The AAGC & Cedar supported these pre-School children for two years in the pre-Schools which are found in the Addis Ketema church compound and in a place formerly called wereda Gulele kebele 02. After they have completed pre-school, the AAGC facilitated for the admittance of the children to continue their studies in government schools freely. In this case the AAGC in partnership with Cedar had been supported the pre- school children until 2009 & it was closed during at the end of 2009. During all those years about 2517 children (1199 male & 1318 female) were benefited from the pre-school.

Vision of AAGC development Sections

  • To see a transformed and better life in the life of the poor and vulnerable community members.
  • To see children becoming educated & self sufficient physically, emotionally & economically.
  • Children & their family able to see God’s love & compassion through the action of Christian walk & ministry and respond for the Gospel